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SMDC’s Smile Residences of Bacolod will be a paradise for all its residents --- enthralling each one with all its facilities and amenities. Only this property can give you the ambiance you only wish for. No need to dream as this place is what you’ve been wishing for. Immediately as you enter, the water features cascading is what will welcome you. So much refreshing! You will also get to see a glimpse of the clubhouse that you can use and enjoy as a resident, together with your family. Not far from it are landscaped areas as well as a central park wherein you can enjoy precious time with your family.

The condo property’s facilities include the following: an alarm system, a guard house, multipurpose car and motorcycle parking, garbage collection, automatic fire detection systems, and waste disposal. Aside from the landscaped gardens, there are multi-purpose lawns all around to keep you in good spirits anytime. The greens will make you inspired, relaxed and happy. Who wouldn’t want this?

You may want to accommodate guests in the property’s grand and modern lobby or simply listen to its piped-in music.

Potential residents will be delighted to know what these amenities are. For a start, do you enjoy soaking or swimming into the pool? Well, the good news is you can always have a pool to go into and have fun with your family. Weekends will never be the same again as you bond with each one in your brood. Schedule weekends when no one is at work or school. Prolong bonding times with your families --- it will be worth it in the end. Kids can swim as they want during off-school days with the children’s pool. The kids will have their own sanctuary, a play area where they can play and have fun whenever they want. Or, on lazy days – just relax on the condo’s lounge – read a book and find a spot. Or better yet, have a chat session with a sibling where the ambiance is pretty much relaxed.

Entertainment room and study areas are also in place for that “balanced life.” Once your homework and exams are completed, go and visit the entertainment room afterwards. You truly deserve that treat after those grueling school activities and tiring work schedules. If you have any occasion worth celebrating like birthdays, graduations, moving-up or baptismal parties – there’s an available function room. You need not go out of the property to do that so it’s very convenient.

The family that exercises together is indeed a happy, healthy family. At SMDC’s Smile Residences in Bacolod, they will make sure of this. After all, we are always striving to have healthy bodies to stay stronger and immune to illnesses. A fitness gym is the best bet for working out. You can do so since there’s an in-house fitness gym that you can avail as part of their amenities. Now, you can enjoy working out with the rest of your family members. What a great bonding time!

Enclaved gardens are what your common sights will be everyday of your life – a relaxing way to start and end your day. Walk around its jogging paths as you prepare to embrace the daily hustles of life. Retire at night with an early evening walk around the area so you may be able to review whole day’s accomplishments. Whatever it is, the greens in the surroundings will soothe your tired minds and bodies. A pleasant relief!

Definitely, every amenity of Smile Residences would make any resident swoon and enjoy, not to mention the importance of spending time with the family together.

  • Grand Lobby
  • Children's Play Area
  • Pool Deck
  • Landscaped Area
  • Swimming Pools
  • Function Rooms
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